SyncExpress is a free development and testing service for Correspondence. While it lacks the management features of a production-ready solution, it is easy to set up in a local network.

Install SyncExpress on a server in your development or testing environment. It creates a Windows Service called "Correspondence SyncExpress". Start this service either through the service manager, or with the command line:
net start "Correspondence SyncExrpess"

The service listens at http://<machine_name>:9119/SyncExpress. Browse to this page to ensure that it is running. You will see a WCF-generated service endpoint page.

Client applications should be configured to use the WebServiceCommunicationStrategy as we saw in lesson 4a. In addition, they should have an app.config file that contains an endpoint for ISynchronizationService. Change this endpoint address to your machine name.
        name="SynchronizationService" />
Make these changes in Lesson.Client. Run an instance on another machine. Two people can log on to the two machines and challenge each other to games.

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